March 1st, 2010

Browsing the web I found my Turtle Party! pattern and quilt on a blog written in spanish. My turtles have made it to Spain!

It was so cute to see tortuga means turtle.

My spanish is a but rusty but I do see that she said “Me gustó muchísimo” which means that she likes it very much.
And that I am “muy famosas en USA” along with Eleanor Burnes. I gotta love it!

She probably saw this pattern demonstrated on Quilters TV or

I can’t read everything she says but I hope it is good, and her turtle quilt looks great by the way.


3 Responses to “O Fiesta de Tortugus or Turtle Party!”

  1. I just love those turtles! I need to give that pattern a go one of these days!

  2. Cat McClure says:

    Google Translate will automatically translate the webpage for you. It sometimes sounds a little like Yoda talking, but otherwise it’s perfectly comprehensible.

    Love your pattern by the way.

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